Magick Market | October 29th | 1-5PM

We had a fun staff meeting today discussing our upcoming Magic Market.

Everyone is in for a treat!

Costumes are encouraged.

Please note that this event is FREE.

Each vendor will be offering special promotions for this event only!

All Services will be $20 or less!

*Popcorn and Cider will be available.

Cash is advised.

*Pay Pal and Square options are accepted by most vendors but not all!

Pricing below

Raffle prizes

Raffle tickets: $2 each or 3 for $5

1. The Tarot TroubleShooter

Raffle Prize*** Win a 35 minute reading

2. Shanti Sound Healing + Yoga

*** Win a Handcrafted necklace

3. Cilly Fitness

*** Win a Gift Certificate for 2 & a Sample of doTERRA Onguard Essential oil


*** Win a 35 minute reading

5. Kathy Price

*** TBA

6. Roadmap therapeutics

*** TBA

7. South Sound Healing

*** TBA

8. Tiny Thunder

*** Tiny TREX Earrings

9. Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary

*** TBA

Experience, Play, Learn

Enchanted Cauldrons:

~ with Christina Felty of Shanti Sound Healing

$5 - Sound Healing Chakra Balance - 5 min.

Close your eyes and be transported to another dimension as Christina casts a spell with magical sounds... Ethereal crystal quartz singing bowls and earthy Tibetan singing bowls filled with positive energy and blessings to bewitch you. Let the vibrations and sounds balance your chakras & clear negativity, leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed!

Mystical Transformations

~ with Kathy Price of Good Karma Center for Joy

$5: Good Karma Prescription - 10 min.

Turn bad karma into good karma…. Confess what haunts your broken heart, the obstacles to your dreams, lighten your guilt or just send love & positive manifestations. The Good Witch will conduct a remedy with potions of tea, oils, deeds and smudging. Clear your path and transform your energy with Kathy!

Elemental Conjuring

~ with Donna Zontok of Body Balance Energy Medicine

$5: Chinese Elemental Testing - 10 min

Have your energy tested with Donna to determine which of the Chinese 5 Elements you are and receive information about your particular element ie: element archetype, season the element coincides with, animal with those characteristics and a positive personality trait. Additional 10% off new client special for those attending Magick Market.

Magical Manipulations

~ with Jessa Cosio, LMT of Roadmap Therapeutics Massage

$20: Massage - 15 Min.

Too many treats? Get an "Oogah-Boogah-Tummy-Toogah!" Massage, with Jessa Cosio, LMT. Featuring special guest and mentor Dr. Jaime, ND. Offering sage advice in colonic health.

Crystal Readings

~ with Kelly Aho of South Sound Healing

$10: Crystal Reading - 15 min.

Gaze into the crystal ball and consult "Madame Kelly" with a crystal reading… Getting right to the point, these crystal readings can offer insights into your past experiences & can assist you in making smart decisions in the now. Should you take that new job? Is there a romantic partner in your future? What was that experience meant to teach me? These are just a few of the kinds of questions the crystals can get you answers to.

Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary

*Special Guest Vendor

~ Ancient Magick, Wisdom and Healing of the Old ways, where you will discover Genuine, Natural Witchcrafted Magical offerings to Enchant and Entice your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Tiny Thunder | Jewelry for weirdos

*Special Guest Vendor

Vivanta Potions

*Special Guest Vendor

~ Spice up your everyday magic with Vivanta Potions for healing and enchantment

The tarot troubleshooter

*Special Guest Vendor

~Something's weighing on your heart or lingering in the back of your mind. For some reason you feel...unsettled. Or maybe you thought you had things all figured out but now they're not going as planned.

Whatever the issue, tarot will tell you what you need to know. Sylva's readings are tailored to give you the clarity, affirmation, and instruction you seek.

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