The Artist's Way 

Kathy Price will be teaching "The Artist Way" class starting Jan 5th for 3 months $600.

This class will be Friday afternoons 2:30-4:00pm. It's an amazing in depth class on unblocking creativity using the 12 chapters of the book by Julia Cameron. Creativity and spiritual consciousness/presence are very connected.


Class will include daily journaling, artist dates, creative adventures and playful art in class. Enhancing your creativity changes how you live, eat, dress, decorate and play. It is a new way of inhabiting life with more of your inherent preferences, tastes and being present to what delights you. It also helps you to see where you may be blocked, helps remove those blocks and realigns you with your true self.


Class includes the book, and art supplies used during class, plus a visit to the Tacoma Art Museum.


This is my 10th offering of this series and I've seen so many students change their lives with it. We are all artists, born creative and aligned with creation. Come home to your creative power.


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